Party PIcs!

Joan was first up - a lovely BIG vase.

Joan looking stoic - I'm keeping this if it kills me!

Tatyana received a nice collectible plate.

Dave opening his gift...

It looked like a rabbit!

A little Santa gourd in the stocking!

Rose opens a portable easel

This gift was first place winner for the wrapping job...

Denise having fun with her gift

Sam opens the big one

"The Book of Unusual Knowledge"

Eddie pondering the contents of the box...
Emily hopes this is wine...
Cathy L. couldn't wait to go choose her gift  :)
She is off to the races!

This one!

Brett and Cathy are tiring of ticket management...

Cathy L. pulls out her cute ceramic owl.

Kevin unwraps ??

Bret (model) begins an arduous task...

Looks like Glad trash bags...

Bret reading all of the notes on the next box

Inside is a tiny book and a tiny package

"Hi! I'm Susie!"

Bret opens the tiny package

Ahah! It's a tiny pet shell, Susie (see lower right!)

Some kind of swap or steal is going on here

Noah opens paintbrushes (we think)

Ingrid stole the vase from Joan!
Holding that vase like a baby! Does Ingrid keep it?

Uh oh...

Brett takes the portable easel from Rose

Precious moments before the
vase is taken back by Joan at the end!

 We thought Rose was going to die laughing!

Jini is loving her penguins

Juggling lessons for Eddie!

Jerry looks around suspiciously! Haha...

Tim and Emily make a swap

Cathy scored a very nice sketchbook 

Ava steals the fountain

Debbie investigates her gift  :)

Emily picks again...

Brett and Cathy ran a great gift exchange
- the count was only one off!

Our bartenders did a fantastic job!
 Thank you to Cathy L. and her friend Debbie!

Thanks to Paul Jenkins for this photo!