Supply List: Jon Houghton Workshop (December 2, 2016)

John Houghton Workshop

Supply List, Grisaille Portrait 

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A Ground

Portrait Smooth/ primed portrait ground, or board  no larger than 16x20. Oil primed and flake white primed  are good, and Acrylic primed is OK too. These should be untoned, but if you already have toned yours gray, that's ok too.
For Pastelists: pastel paper and drawing board. Easels are provided. 


Only for brush cleaning. During workshops, it is better for participants to wash brushes at home as there is very limited sink access. Plastic bags will be provided for your brushes.

Paint Colors:

  • Terre Vert by Gamblin (traditional)  OR Burnt umber (gray scale pastels if you are a pastelist)
    * Substitute for Terre Vert by Gamblin: Winsor Newton Gamblin (will possibly need to add Raw Umber)
  • Raw Umber (needed for Part I, first day, Dec 2)
  • White—Jon uses underpainting white (needed for Part I, first day, Dec 2)
  • Yellow Ochre (optional, possibly needed to warm up Gamblin Terre if it is still too cold).
Both Terre Vert and Raw Umber were traditionally used. My favorite white is Gamblin's Flake White Replacement but any good white will do. Some people find that an extra layer of gesso makes it easier to work on.
Jon Houghton

      Brushes :

      Brushes larger (4,6,8) and smaller for detail (1,2,4). You don't need all of these. Just whatever is your preference. A few small sables or synthetic small brushes will be needed for details and glazing.

      Mediums: You will not need medium for part I (December 2).

      My mediums are based on stand oil and rectified turpentine.  Used by  many artist's in history. As follows:
      • regular medium: 1 part stand oil, 2 parts rect. turpentine.
      • glazing medium: 1 part stand oil, 1 part turpentine
      No oiling out is necessary when glazing. 

      Other Supplies:

      • Paper towels or rags
      • Charcoal
      • Camera to take a good picture to work on your grisaille after the first workshop as you will want a detailed grisaille drying before the glazing portion of the workshop. (Yes, there will be homework.)
      Class Start: 9AM Friday  December 2   Lunch 12-1   End 4 PM
      Coffee, sugar, 1/2 & 1/2 provided. Brita water or bring your own. Tea available. No extra charge.

      Lunch will be on your own but the 905 is available and we have an hour. You can order lunch ahead of time at the 905 so it's ready at noon. They also have great coffee, lattes, smoothies, etc.