Nick Valente, Newest Member

Nick Valente is one of our newest members. Since introductions can be difficult, an excerpt from his bio gives the best brief of his goals and how he uses open studios at the guild to build upon his already excellent foundation.
Nick is a dedicated and driven artist, working as a freelance illustrator and instructor. He specializes in comics, character design, illustration, figurative art and more. His passion for storytelling, and bringing characters to life can be seen throughout his work, in an endless pursuit to better understand the world around him and share it with others.
Along with being a semi-regular attendee of our open studio sessions, Nick is also a frequent merchant attendee of local Comic-cons in Orlando and Tampa (and could no doubt impart some sage advice on the subject should anyone want to give that venue a try).

For sale. For specialty fine art commissions, contact Nick Valente at

A Selection of Nick Valente's Websites:

Art Station
Deviant Art
N J Valente Art

Nick Valente's Star Wars Series

(More Images Posted to His Facebook Page )

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