Jini James' Recent Sales

Jini James, lifelong artist and master of oils, watercolor, pencils, and oils (to list a few media) recently celebrates two sales. 
The first, a landscape entitled "Summer Morning, Roaton Honduras" is described by the artist herself…
This is Roatan, Honduras where most everything is not as this painting portrays. But, the artist sees beauty everywhere!


 And we certainly agree—even colorless dusty alleyways and streets take on new life under her brush.
The next, "Dog Lover" was a special challenge…
 Completed for a grieving family as a gift.  They had no formal photos and wanted a memory of happier times.   Artists can be a bridge to a better vision of a loved one.
Jini James is currently represented at the 5th Avenue Art Gallery (through which she made both of these sales) and can also be reached via her website.