Goodbye, Leo

Change is a phenomenon with which we are all familiar. From moment to moment, all of our reality is in flux. Sometimes change is noteworthy of our attention. We then mark it as an event. We perceive some events as positive and others as negative.
Positive events are drawing and painting days at the Guild with attendance of artists in all stages of development.
Negative events are losing one of those artists who have helped us on our journey.
Recently, we lost one of the special people of our cohort. He was a life-long artist and teacher. He did beautiful layouts, lettering, figures, portraits, and still life. He applied paint as if it were a magic creating stuff, pushing, pulling, scumbling, erasing, blobbing, to make really beautiful pictures of whatever his subject. In his later years, he painted two-handedly because of a tremor. Occasionally he would laugh when the paint didn't land where he intended. He shared his long accumulated knowledge in such a generous manner, helping us become better artists and make better paintings if we chose to accept his help.
It is will sorrow that we mark a sad event, the “Goodbye for Now” to Leo Kangas, who left us July 15, 2016. He left with grace and left the world a better and prettier place with better artists making better paintings but with tears in our eyes.