Perkins delivers a Whirlwind Demo

Steve Perkins provided an enlightening and fascinating demo/commentary on the art world at Tasgob studios. His explanations of the planes of the bodies form, and the angles resulting from contrapposto stance were conveyed very effectively. He then worked on a small sculpture of Julia's hand while explaining the sculpting process, materials and tools.

Steve's lecture was a concise, informative, and intensely worthwhile workshop, with his easygoing, affable nature and unfathomably deep knowledge of anatomy, illustration and sculpture combining to provide considerable insight into the artistic process for the master as well as the novice.

To the casual student of your average university fine arts class, Steve Perkins would serve as a shocking and not unwelcome introduction to what learning art is all about. Focusing on techniques to find the human form through the deception of one's eyes and improve over time, the knowledge Steve imparts is a must for any artist who truly hopes to excel.

Thank You Steve!