Happy New Year

We had a Great Year... to the very end! Cedric Egeli visits and mentors sessions

The renowned portrait artist Cedric Egeli (www.egelistudio.com) and his wife Joanette attended regular weekly sessions during the holidays while visiting daughter and guild member, Ingrid, sharing with us a bit of the artistic legacy of the Egeli lineage.

Cedric and Joanette offered incisive critiques blended with amusing analogies, fascinating stories, and yes a little of the irascibility we associate with genius, all delivered with a helpful good humor. The electric atmosphere was exciting for all, particularly those in the hot seat.

We were fortunate to have on hand a husband and wife as portrait models during Saturday session allowing us to expand for two drawing groups. During Wednesday session, a sensual new model Julia, just arriving from living in Germany for several years, graced us for a figure session, again with Cedric and Joanette providing guidance on structural drawing to ground the model in proper perspective.

For Thursday life drawing Julia returned, braving the chilly environs, and enchanted those who attended. The electric atmosphere was exciting for all, particularly those in the hot seat.

50th Anniversary Celebration and Holiday Party

On December 9, 50 years of artistic endeavor was celebrated in the guild space that has been home for an amazing 49 years. The history this unique place and opportunities it affords is evident in the writing on the walls and surroundings of artistic masterpieces and the paraphernalia of the artistic process in the surprising, and fascinating, artist’s loft ambience.
50 years of artistic endeavor was celebrated in the guild space that has been home for an amazing 49 years. 
We had a fantastic turnout of past and present artists and models, with music and mouth-watering food and drink, through the enthusiastic contributions of members and friends attending. Longtime members attending included Archie Webb, Millie Richardson, and original, charter member Marti Meyer who first attended as a wee 18-year-old student and continues as an active member today. We had a beautifully hung display of recent artworks by contributing members, as is our holiday party tradition. All had a great time, with many people lingering until late, and thanks to all whom made both the party so successful and the cleanup so painless. What with the lively conversation and constant movement this year we did not have a Chinese gift exchange as has been the custom in recent years but we can be confident the stuffed raccoon will return in future years.

On view through January 31, 2013 — Jini James' "Remarkable Women”

Exhibit at the 905 Café, 905 E. New Haven Ave.

Nov 10 Jini James opened at the 905 Cafe with a preview party to celebrate 4 watercolor portraits of downtown business women in their professional setting. This is the first of what can be an on-going, rotating show among the guild members. Any member can be a part of it.

Celebrating the accomplishments of women is nothing new, but visual artists do it differently. They do it with paintings. The project, “Remarkable Women” is the work of Melbourne artist, Jini James who specializes in portraits. Her goal is to not only capture the subject’s likeness but also to tell a story of what they do to contribute to the community.

There is Heather, the owner of the 905 Café in downtown Melbourne who serves up home made soups and healthy lunches, a far cry from fast food and French fries. Jini sees Heather nearly every day along with her other painting subjects. There’s Julie, owner of the British Shop, and Sandy, owner of Sendala’s, and Kathy Meehan, the newly elected Mayor. Each one of these women are like family, going about their days without great fanfare, greeting their public, and going the extra mile to participate in community organizations.

Larry Moore Plein Air Workshop Held

Nov 2-4 an enthusiastic group of plein air artists worked under master artist Larry Moore (www.larrymoorestudios.com) on sketching in paint the beauty of our native Florida, with initial emphasis on pushing color, and simplifying to gain compositional strength. Three sites around our coast stretched our abilities and provided a variety of seas, skies, and foliage, painting at Melbourne Harbor, Ballard Park in Eau Gallie, and the botanical gardens of Florida Tech.

Each morning started with a demo by Larry, the first a bold depiction of the railway bridge over Crane Creek, where we learned about preparing our color palette with both neutrals and high key colors we planned to use. The second demo had all flabbergasted as Larry took a busy scene, starting with drab “gray” underpainting while picking out one object simplifying the scene, and finishing quickly in bright splashes to make a beautiful image appear as if by magic, in simple strokes carefully selected.

The third day was a true challenge of the green monster that can be painting in Florida, and yet with the focus reinforced by another demo, all found a way to bring out an image to simplify and separate from the sea of green surroundings.