Jon Houghton Workshop

Jon Houghton Drawing Workshop
Dec 2-4 9AM-4PM
The master artist Jon Houghton repeats a refined version of his drawing workshop of last spring. Jon Houghton ( will conduct a drawing workshop Dec 2-4. 2011 at the location of The Art Students' Guild of Brevard, at 909 E New Haven, Melbourne, suite 31. Come learn from a master of drawing. Drawing is Jon's favorite media and the foundation for his amazing painting. The workshop emphasis is on the drawing for aesthetic quality through the quality of the line and shading, using pencil, charcoal, and paper such as Strathmore paper and a bristol pad. Both still life and figure drawing are included. Contact Brett Pigon 321 543 3154 if interested in attending.

A March portrait/figure painting workshop will be a continuation of the lessons learned in the drawing workshop.

December 2-4 , 2011 9 AM to 4 PM
non-members cost: $270
Model fees are included in the cost.

JKHoughton Drawing Workshop Syllabus:
Soft vine charcoal
Pencils in H, B, 2B and 4B
White Conte chalk or pencil
Newsprint and drawing board
Sketch book (8x10 or so)
Kneaded eraser and white rubber eraser
Paper blenders (estompe)
We will cover approaches to the portrait, still life and landscape.
Bring three or more photos of landscapes you like. Prints off the
internet are good. Photos of paintings are fine. Copying good artists is one of the best and most historical ways to learn. These are for practice.
I envision teaching this workshop with a series of small demonstrations
followed by student drawing projects. Subjects covered are as follows but not
necessarily in this order.
Materials and their uses
gesture drawing and contour drawing and how to use them
Drawing for accuracy. (straight line vs. curved line sketching). light chalks.
Measuring and composition.
Still life
Line quality and value, soft and hard edges, blenders and light chalks.