Fall For the Arts 2011The Art Students Guild of Brevard attended this cultural smorgasbord for the first time Oct 7. We conducted a “normal” portrait session for the public to see what we do and possibly attract new artists or models. The session was normal in that we had artists and a model, but normally we don’t have to deal with high winds, threat of rain, and growing darkness. Nonetheless, we had a great time, and no disasters.

Participating were artists Bill McCoy, Peggy Rank, Brett Pigon, and last but not least, in her 49th year in the guild and still going strong, Marti Meyer. Jason was our model and he did a great job as always. Amazing to me under the conditions all the artists did a great job and captured outstanding likenesses.
On display we had our TASGOB sign, the sign telling a bit of the TASGOB history, and browser bin offering examples of our work. Available for take-away were some new cards and a number of people grabbed one. You can pick up some at the guild and hand them out to artists and models.
I’ve included some of the photos I took of the event – I told Bill I had to take pictures or I’d never hear the end of it from Chris.