Jon Houghton drawing workshop
Fresh from an exciting performance at the "Face Off" competition of the Portrait Society of America Conference, Jon Houghton ( will conduct a drawing workshop May 13 thru May 15, 2011 at the location of The Art Students Guild of Brevard, at 909 E New Haven, Melbourne, suite 31.

The emphasis is drawing for aesthetic quality through the quality of the line and shading, using pencil, charcoal, and paper such as Strathmore paper and a bristol pad. Both still life and figure drawing are included. An introduction to silver point for which materials will be supplied will also be offered.

The schedule details:
Friday May 13 9AM-4PM with lunch break - still life / landscape
Saturday May 14 9AM-12PM - landscape
Sunday May 15 1PM-4PM - portrait / figure (clothed)

Sunday AM bonus for attendees (AM or 10 AM until 12PM): silver point demo with opportunity to try it out. For those unfamiliar with silver point - it's drawing with a silver stylus on specially prepared paper. Very delicate, very beautiful drawing technique.

Another Bonus: we are invited to attend Jon's watercolor demo at the Brevard Watercolor Society meeting between 1PM-3PM on May 14. Your names will be submitted to get in free at the door.

The fee for the workshop is $150 to guild members, $180 to non-members, model fees included. Contact for questions and to get onto the list to attend - no down payment is needed. Detailed syllabus to follow for those on the list. Come work under our master artist in his favorite media and the foundation for his amazing paintings.