Jon Houghton Portrait Workshop Hosted! (2011)

Jon Houghton oil portrait workshop at the Guild location 909 E New Haven was a great success, with 17 artists put through their paces in a grueling yet exhilarating 3 days of hard painting, trying to learn to achieve the essence of a person in a portrait "study" over a mere 2 hours or less painting time. Each artist tackled five portraits, from the amazing 10 models posing during the workshop.

The adrenaline was pumping as the artists raced to complete their works, learning to focus on priorities, on values, and simplifying. In the first morning block the master artist Jon Houghton discussed his palette anddemonstrated his painting approach using his assistant Steven Rogers as model. Beginning most of the remaining 5 time blocks further instruction was provided, covering cool/warm tones and where typically found on a face, painting eyes realistically yet simplifying, an alternate palette, and choosing backgrounds. In between we were entertained and enlightened by Jon's vast knowledge and anecdotes of his life endeavors as an artist.

All artists benefited from Jon's expert eye and kindly critique, with much progress shown by all in attendance. Enthusiasm ran high to the end even while exhausted, with many already asking about the next workshop. In fact, The Artist Guild of Brevard will host Jon again next year, not only to repeat this phenomenal portrait workshop but also one for drawing, with the focus on achieving the aesthetic qualities to drawing that Jon's work exemplifies. Stay tuned.